Area Progress Council Warren County

Area Progress Council

The Area Progress Council of Warren County welcomes you and invites you to use this web site to find information about an APC program or project of interest, read about community issues and events in our eNews area, or learn about our organization and its membership benefits.


2001 to Present

As one of the fastest growing counties in Ohio, the need for uniting the rural and urban areas into a common community became a concern. LWC came into existence as a way to help create our own unique identity. Addressing the needs of constantly growing clientele requires that individuals be educated and encouraged to assume leadership roles. LWC was established to challenge and enable individuals to fulfill these functions to guide their neighborhoods, businesses, organizations and the county into the future.

The program's goal is to create a network of informed decision makers.

2020 Class Schedule
Submit applications by Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday-Saturday, January 31 - February 1 Mandatory Opening Retreat
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 History
Tuesday, March 3, 2020 Social Support
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Education
Friday, April 24, 2020 ThinkREGIONAL! Summit
Tuesday, May 19, 2020 Infrastructure
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Agriculture/Land Use
 Friday, July 10, 2020 Government
Tuesday, August 4, 2020 Criminal Justice
Tuesday, September 1, 2020 Workforce/Economic Development
Wednesday, September 30, 2020 Social Capital
Tuesday-Wednesday, Oct 27-28, 2020 Closing Retreat
Tuesday, November 24,2020 – Cap Stone and Commencement

Remaining 2019 Class Schedule

Thursday, August 15, 2019 Criminal Justice
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Economic Development
Thursday, October 3, 2019 Social Capital
Tuesday-Wednesday, Oct 29-30, 2019 Closing Retreat
Tuesday, November 26, 2019 – Cap Stone and Commencement

2019 Class Members: 

Adam Kwiecinski, Edward Jones Investments; Alison Thompson, Peoples Bank; Amanda Miller, Otterbein Senior Life; Chris Balster, Warren County Health District; Eileen Girdwood, Girdwood Orthodontics; Eric Davis, ADVICS Ohio; Joe Schroeder, United Way of Warren County; Lindsay Zirkle, LCNB National Bank; Michael Myers, Springboro Schools; Captain Mike McCutchan, Lebanon Police Department; Ron Wilger, Atrium Medical Center and Chief Scott Hughes, Hamilton Township Police Department.

Welcome Leadership Warren County 2019

Welcome Leadership Warren County 2019



  • Identify and select individuals with sincere interest in the community and the potential of leadership.

  • Systematically educate and challenge the participants as to the needs of the community as well as the dynamics of social and economic change.

  • Develop an esprit de corps among the participants, which will provide a common ground for working together on present or future community projects.

  • Create a dialogue and rapport between the participants and existing community leadership.

  • Identify organizational and individual opportunities for community involvement and assist participants in placement into these positions upon completion of the program.


          To the Individual

Personal development - Personal assessment - Network expansion - Identify talents

Personality profiling - Acquire in-depth knowledge of Warren County and local leaders.

Gain awareness of county resources - Exposure to opportunities

 To your Business or Organization

Meet outstanding community leaders - Understand group dynamics

Working with diverse groups - Conflict resolution - Build trust

Encourage and motivate others - Make key decisions

  To the Community

      Encourages and empowers individuals to assume leadership roles for:                                   

Cities – Township - Service organizations - Businesses

Strengthens the county - Strengthens individuals - Strengthens organizations



Individuals who are stakeholders in Warren County, either by residency or association with a Warren County business or organization, are encouraged to apply to LWC for class enrollment.


Participants will be selected to ensure a representative cross section of individuals for all areas of the county.

Attendance Commitment

The program has a strict attendance policy that requires class members to attend thirteen sessions from February through November (retreats are two days), attend a city council meeting, county commissioners meeting, township trustees meeting, school board meeting, ride with a police officer, job shadow a school principal, host a school principal at your work place, and various other meetings including class projects.  Attendance at both retreats is mandatory and anyone missing more than two sessions may be dropped from the program.  Applicants must have the full support of the organization or company they represent.


For applications received by January 4, 2019 the tuition is $2,000 for members of Area Progress Council or any chamber in Warren County and includes all fees, materials, and meals on class days; $2,400 for non-members.  A limited number of partial scholarships may be available to applicants who require financial assistance. Tuition 5% additional after 1-4-2019.

Program Sponsor

LWC is a program of Area Progress Council of Warren County, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation. Tuition fees are deductible as a business expense.

Program Content

The course content for LWC follows two tracks - personal development and county culture.

 Participants will begin with a two-day retreat to acquaint them with the program by focusing on networking, team building and learning their individual leadership and personality styles. Later sessions will cover: working with groups, diversity, motivating others, effective listening, communication, building trust, effective negotiating, group dynamics, consensus-building and personal mission statement.  Class members will practice these skills as they work together to plan and implement class days, class projects, graduation, and alumni activities.

The story of Warren County, encompassing the heritage, the people, the policies and the issues will be explored. Participants will encounter various Warren County leaders and hear about their leadership successes.

“…and it is evident that LWC was well researched prior to inception. It utilizes the finest attributes of effective leadership programs to develop informed individuals that can fill leadership roles for our business and for the betterment of volunteer organizations.” –Stephen P. Wilson, Chairman, LCNB National Bank.




For more information or to request an application, contact:

 Bill Thornton, (513) 265-0450  
Arla R. Tannehill, (513) 932-8228 –

Duke Energy (formally C G & E)   - Founding Sponsor

SUSTAINING PATRONS                                   Years of Support
Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)        12
LCNB National Bank                                                               15
N B & T (Peoples Bank)                                                           10
Sinclair Community College                                                  9
Warren County Board of DD                                                11
Warren County Career Center                                            14
Warren County Sheriff's Office                                         10
WCCS, Inc.                                                                                     8

YEAR    Participant                   Supporting Employer

2003    Tim Abbott                      Duke Energy
2011    Shelly Abrams    
2013    Brandon Allen                  Smart People, Inc.
2011    Katherine Anderson    N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2004    Tom Ariss                       Warren County Sheriff's Office
2016     Alicia Ault                       Learning for Life Center, LLC
2007    Donna Banks                  Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2005    Brian Barot                    Warren County Career Center
2004    Pete Beck                        City of Mason    
2002    Dave Beckett                  Dakin Insurance
2003    Marla Bell-Gombita    Ohio Education Association
2006    Terry Benedict              Miami University
2004    Dan Bennett                    Little Miami Schools
2014    Peter Berninger              LCNB National Bank
2008    Shaun Bevan                    Little Miami Schools
2015    Stephanie Bisceglia       N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2014    Kristi Black                       Warren County Board of DD
2014    Jack Blosser                      Ft. Ancient State Memorial Park
2006    Marie Bowling *             Warren County Career Center
2010    Sandy Bradley                Sinclair Community College
2010    Ben Brigham                  Warren County Career Center
2002    Kristi Brown                   GE Card Services
2013    Joey Brumfield               Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2015    Shannon Bryant             Sinclair Community College
2007    Zachary Burns               G/C Contracting
2016     Jessica Campbell           Farm Credit Mid-America
2008    Bill Caplinger                 Warren County Board of DD
2007    Douglas     Carlson        National City Bank
2007    Debbie Carter                 Fifth Third Bank
2006    Chris Celek                     Cox Media Group Ohio
2004    Pam Clayborn                 Quaker Heights Care Community
2013    Brittany Conner           County Board of DD
2010    Dan Corey                        Deerfield Township
2011    Donna Cox                       Warren County Career Center
2006    Kimm Coyner               Warren County Office of Economic Development
2002    Spence Cropper             Stolle Properties.
2005    Sandy Curtis                  Battelle and Battelle
2008    Carey Curtis                   US Bank
2003    Rosalyn A. Dadas          Mental Health Association
2008    Mike Dalton                     N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2007    Jeffrey Davis                    LCNB National Bank
2011    Tracy Davis                       Miami University
2014    Charles Dawes                Hospice of Butler & Warren Counties
2012    Tim DeHart                      AAA Wastewater
2013    John Del Verne               Bayer Becker, Inc.
2005    Kelli Dixon                        United Way of Warren County
2013    Russ Doyle                         Bowyer Farm
2005    Patrick Dugan    
2003    William Edwards          Clark Schaefer Hackett & Co.
2008    Scott Egbers                  Brower Insurance Agency, LLC
2002    Bob Elias                         Warren County Foundation
2003    Del Everett                     Warren County Sheriff's Office
2013    Mike Faulkner               Comey & Shepherd Realtors
2002    JoAnn Feltner               City of Franklin School Board
2010    Jennifer Feltner             Fifth Third Bank
2014    Kyle D. Fields                  ApproRx
2002    Nancy Fields                  Comey & Shepherd Realtors
2012    Kelly Flynn                      Flynn and Company
2014    Robin Frederick             Warren County Career Center
2004    Kim Gambill                   Warren County Career Center
2002    Cindy Garland                Springboro School Board
2002    Bob Garlock                      Bayer Becker, Inc.
2003    Monica Gerhardt         United Way of Warren County
2010    Mike Gilb                         City of Mason
2010    Rich Gillette                    Cox Media Group Ohio
2013    Bob Gray                           AAA Wastewater
2014    Molly Gressly                  WCCS, Inc.
2003    Tom Grossmann          Taft, Stettinius & Hollister
2002    John Harris                    NEC Chamber
2008    Tom Harris                      Warren County Career Center
2007    John Heekin                    FECON, Inc.
2004    Gary L. Heitkamp        CDS Associates
2015    Sandy Hempel               Warren County Career Center
2005    Chris Hice                       Caesar's Creek Nursery
2014    Darlene Hicks                N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2007    Craig Hoffman               Porter Wright Morris Arthur, LLC
2015    Tricia Hogan                     LCNB National Bank
2003    Larry Hollingshead        Software Solutions
2015    Chris Hubbard                 Sinclair Community College
2013    Ben Huffman                    Warren County CVB
2013    Carol Hughes                   Springboro Area Chamber
2010    George Hunter                 Warren County Sheriff's Office
2014    DeAnn Hurtado                Sinclair Community College
2007    Vel Hux                                WCCS, Inc.
2011    Kimberly Isaacs                LCNB National Bank
2011    Earl J. Isaacs                        Village of Waynesville
2012    Kim Isaacs                          Warren County Career Center
2004    Sherry Jackson                LCNB National Bank
2002    Keith Jacobs                     Amtex
2016     Anita Scott Jones            Atrium Medical Center/Premier Health
2003    Richard Jones                   N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2013    Klye Jones                           Warren County Career Center
2004    Senator Shannon Jones  
2016     JaLane Kemp                      1st National Bank  
2005    Bill Kern *    
2010    Amy Kleinfelder-Brown    Warren County Board of DD
2011    Javan Kline                          Frost Brown Todd LLC
2010    Justin Koenes                     Quandel Group
2013    Gary Kuntz                           N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2006    Tammy L. Laine                Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2007    Kathleen M. Lane             Cox Media Group Ohio
2010    Brenda Latanza                  Sinclair Community College
2005    Steve Lautenslager        LCNB National Bank
2004    Ernie Lawson                    Adult Care Opt
2003    Emily Lease                       Quaker Heights Care Community
2010    Christye Leasure              Ghent Mfg./Vivid Board (GMI Companies)
2013    Scott Lipps                          Home Care Mattress, Inc.
2015    Sam Lobar                          Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2002    George Long                      Little Miami Schools
2005    Jennifer Long                    WCCS, Inc.
2003    Jim Lukas                           City of Franklin - Administrator
2006    Tom MacDonald              N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2004    Doug Magoto                     ADVICS Mfg Ohio, Inc.
2008    Megan Manuel                 Warren County Board of DD
2013    Scott Markland                  Sinclair Community College
2002    Pete Mason                        Warren County Board of DD
2015    Barb McDaniel                   Ghent Mfg./Vivid Board (GMI Companies)
2003    Mike McGinty                    Camp Joy
2011    Dawn McKenna                 Warren County Board of DD
2003    Rob McLaughlin               Mediation Services of Southern Ohio
2008    Susan Medure-Cantrell    Cox Media Group Ohio
2002    Kathy Michelich               Ohio State University Extension
2012    Melea Miller                        Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2006    Mike Miller                         Graydon Head & Ritchey, LLC
2002    Gary Miller                         Warren County Sheriff's Office
2002    Bonnie Milligan                 Warren County ESC
2003    Chief Jeff Mitchell          City of Lebanon, Police Department
2014    Emiko Moore                     City of Lebanon (City Show)
2003    Kelly Morehead               GE Card Services
2013    Angie Morgan                   NEC Chamber
2004    Janine Movish                  GE Card Services
2005    Ann Munafo                     Senior Independence
2008    Tammy Murray               LCNB National Bank
2007    Tara Nerko                        First Financial Bank
2002    Keith Nixon, Jr.    
2002    Jackie Orsi                         New Housing Opportunities
2013    Angie Otis                          LCNB National Bank
2011    Wendy Parks                    Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2003    Gary Patton                     Warren County Career Center
2004    Craig R. Paulus               Taft, Stettinius & Hollister
2005    Char Pelfrey                    City of Mason
2010    Sarah Pennington          N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2003    Kathleen M. Piech-Luka     Sprint
2006    Martin Plumb                 Cincom Systems
2002    Jim Pottebaum               United Way of Warren County
2007    Deborah S. Price    
2008    Regina Marie Ray           N B & T (Peoples Bank)
2012    Aaron Reid                       United Way of Warren County
2006    Cheryl Reindl-Johnson    Sinclair Community College
2006    Amy Reveal                      LCNB National Bank
2003    Bob Richards                   RICHCOventure Management
2016     Brett Richardson          Warren County Sheriff's Office
2014    Heather Riley                   AAA Wastewater
2013    Barry Riley                        Warren County Sheriff's Office
2006    Ted Ripperger               Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2008    Steve Roat                      McGill Smith Punshon, Inc.
2016     Robert Robison             Warren County Career Center
2015    Gene Rose                        WCCS, Inc.
2002    Karen Royer                   Warren County Career Center
2010    Brad Ruppert                  LCNB National Bank
2012    Tom Salzbrun                 WCCS, Inc.
2002    Brandon Saylor             Joint Emergency Medical Service
2012    Brian Schneider             Battelle and Battelle
2005    Kevin Schwieger          Living Legacy Church of God
2007    George H. Sehi              Sinclair Community College
2008    Sheriff Larry Sims       Warren County Sheriff's Office
2004    Michelle Slocum           Camp Joy
2016     Angie Smith                   Warren County Board of DD
2012    Chris Smith                    Warren County Board of DD
2016     Matt Smoot                    Warren County Board of DD
2005    Jim Spicer                        GE Card Services
2011    Duane Stansbury         Warren County Combined Health District
2007    Michael D. Stautberg    Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2003    Ann Stengl                    Stolle YMCA
2012    Patti Stepp                     Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2003    Debbie Stevens           LCNB National Bank
2006    Mel Stewart                  Otterbein
2007    Daniel Story                  NEC Chamber
2005    David G. Sturgeon    Atrium Medical Center (MRH) (Premier Health)
2012    Jim Suer                         ADVICS Manufacturing, Ohio
2014    Mark Swartz                Wesbanco Bank
2015    Angie Tapogna             Warren County Board of DD
2005    Mark Tenner               ADVICS Mfg Ohio, Inc.
2002    Carolyn Tepe              WCCS, Inc.
2016     Tyler Tepe                    LCNB National Bank
2004    Kevin Thornton    
2011    Brian Tinch                    Warren County Sheriff's Office
2003    Jennifer Trepal           City of Mason
2006    Randy Turnbow        Warren County Sheriff's Office
2015    Dee Dee Verhoff         1st National Bank
2010    Jim Voorhis                  V S W C Architects, Inc.
2016     Bobbie Vunak              WCCS, Inc.
2012    Simone Walter            LCNB National Bank
2002    Wendy Waters-Connell    Quaker Heights Care Community
2014    Joseph Wells               Frost Brown Todd LLC
2002    Mary Wells *    
2002    Rhonda Whitaker    Duke Energy
2014    Chief Russell Whitman    City of Franklin, - Police Department
2008    Deane Wiethe    
2010    Teresa Wiles                Warren County Child Advocacy Center
2004    Erika Williams           ADVICS Mfg Ohio, Inc.
2013    Scott Wolfe                  ADVICS Mfg Ohio, Inc.
2002    Barney Wright, Jr.    LCNB National Bank
2008    Dan Yasenchak        E-BEAM Services, Inc.
2007    Amanda Yauger        Quaker Heights Care Community
2010    Ben Yoder                     Frost Brown Todd LLC


Look What Former Class Members Are Saying

 “LWC is an unbelievable program that not only makes you take ownership of the county, but provides the knowledge and network to become involved.” – Gary Heitkamp, Kleingers and Associates, - Class of ‘04

 “The late Ohio Representative, Corwin Nixon once told me, “No one is successful unless a whole lot of other people allow you to be successful.” Through the experience in LWC you meet a whole lot of people.  The rest is up to you.” – Richard Jones, National Bank & Trust, – Class of ‘03

 “What a great opportunity to learn about every aspect of our community and how we can work together, to capitalize on our strengths and resources in Warren County.” –Amy Kleinfelder-Brown, Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities, - Class of ‘10

 “Leadership Warren County was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about community leadership and established relationships with excellent community leaders. I truly learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses and this class will assist me in my own professional development! -

 Brian Tinch, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, - Class of ‘11

 “If you think you know Warren County, just wait until you go through the Leadership program. You’ll meet people, see locations and learn things about the county that you never knew. You’ll also make personal connections that could last a lifetime.”-Wendy Parks, Atrium Medical Center -Class of ’11

 Mission:  “To create a dynamic network of leaders whose increased awareness and commitment to serve will energize its citizens to shape Warren County’s future.”


Select a member of your team to apply. Or, participate yourself!

118 East Main (PO Box 802), Lebanon Ohio 45036                           Phone: 513-932-8228  Fax: 513-933-8228